Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Walking around Leeuwarden

We had sort of a down time day....And everyone was needing to get out and stretch our legs, so we started to just walk all over Leauwarden.  It really is a beautiful city.  We saw a large boat turning around in the canal....the boat was as long as the canal is wide!  All of us were saying..."no way is he going to be able to do this!" And of course he proved us all wrong,. What a pro....
Did I mention that everyone and I mean EVERYONE around here bicycles?  Bikes everywhere!  It's kind of awesome....I think I want to take it up when I get back to St. George, I'm not sure if it will feel the same as it does here in the Nederlands....
The main church in town.
Love the little details on every building...the dormers...right?
and the cool doors....
I sat in this little shop and got ice cream....and pretended to be just another Dutch person.
more cool doors...and notice the metal thing just above the Lion crest?  That is a metal sculpture of an orange tree, which is a Dutch symbol of _____?  well, I'm not sure what it symbolizes, but it is one of their things.  They totally go for the color orange.

This was this amazing little cheese shop that we found.  Full of different kinds of cheese....some stinky, some not.  All delicious.  We bought a variety and made our own little cheese plate later that night for tasting.
The flowers were coming on all over town....
This was a little garden that we passed....don't you just love the little "woven" fence in the foreground?  I thought it was cool.
I like this place.

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