Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Rob and I just finished pulling off our ward party, AGAIN, this year!  It was truly Spectacular, fun, spiritual, wonderful, busy, christmasy...you name it!  It was that!

This was our "Poster" in the Church Foyer...I LOVE IT SO MUCH! (Thanks Jared!)

Pictures are worth more than words here....

Lovely Toni
The YM...Gangnam style!
The Bishopric

The Achievement day girls ready to sing! 

I've been pulling together music from every which way to complete the program....and in my "spare time" (ya right...) sewed the hats and cape-lets for my sweet girls!  They sang and looked beautiful!

The Benson Family
Lil' Angel

Of course we had the primary kids do the nativity....

see the sheep(kid) in front with the white fleece? (cotton-balls)  The shepherds behind started picking off the cotton and it turned into a little cotton ball fight for a minute!  Ya...it was AWESOME!

the stage is set
"gingerbread" village
the houses

Sarah practicing
fresh greenery

too cool
Brilliant Tori!
Sugar Plum Goddess!

My favorite thing....


Monday, December 10, 2012

Darling December....

I'm sure you are all wondering what I have been up to....this may explain a lot:

and then there's this....

More to come....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


The DPR has been hankering for a trip to...well pretty much anywhere!  (All work and no play makes a mean pirate....)  So he's been organizing a family rendevous of sorts with our kids...and we headed off to Hermy-town for a little catching up and R&R.  I've said it before...There is something very magical about his home.  I said, "his Home"...not so much his "hometown".  (did I say that out loud?...oops...)  Bonnie had her flowers a bloomin' and every bird in the place was singin' like there was  no tomorrow.


Rob took us all down to the river for a magical Pirate adventure...let's just say that like all pirate adventures, it's fun in the end, but you're never quite prepared for what's about to happen.  
(shoulda worn different shoes, Ben...)

I just Love all me scallywags!  RRRRRR!

Friday, June 8, 2012

A Patch of Grass to Call My Own!

I've been looking over my balcony for nearly 2 years now....wishing that that little piece of grass down there could be mine.  And all of a sudden....it IS!  We found out a couple of weeks ago that the downstairs neighbors are moving and we hopped, skipped, and jumped at the chance to grab it.  We spent an entire weekend running up and down the stairs  a hundred times, moving our stuff, and I must admit, it got to the point where anything that wasn't breakable went straight over the edge of the balcony to the patio below (including all our clothes and our bed!  Uhhh...now I've shown you the real me....)  I spent the rest of the week cleaning up with sore aching thighs.  Nothing like a good "move" to let you know how out of shape you are!  But it was sooooo worth it!   The first thing we did was plant a few things....

The most AMAZING Dahlia!
Rob immediately threw in some tomato plants.  He found some heirloom plants so we'll keep you posted on how they do.....

This beautiful Begonia!
 I have the craziest memory of a begonia plant that I have never forgotten.  My mom bought a huge fantastically beautiful one very much like this one....but bigger and with more flowers.  I was so enamored with it, I asked if I could take it for show and tell at school(I was in 2nd grade...).  When the teacher asked me about it, I said.."It's for you!" and promptly gave it to her! She was totally Thrilled!  My mother was NOT Thrilled.... Needless to say she was totally ticked at me when I came home without it!  HA!  I should never be trusted....

 PLANS -PEOPLE- I HAVE PLANS.... For my little patch of green! 
If you need me, I will be out sunning my toes and dreaming of small gardens...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Be Thou Humble.....In the bathroom"

I'm trying to magnify my calling.  I truly am.  That being said...some days are harder than others.  I was called to be the "ward music director" which really means that I lead the music on Sunday and work out with the choir at Christmas and Easter...and any other time that the spirit hits me....and also, try to trick people into singing "special" musical numbers once a month.  Our Bishop has asked for that specifically.  Let me just say this, about all that,  "yikes!"

 Each week, I pick out opening and closing songs... and a rest hymn (if I haven't tricked anyone that week into doing a special number....) and also a sacrament song.  There is a theme for each week that I try to follow....and each week, without fail, someone will come up to me and say something like..."You know, that opening hymn was such a downer..." or,  "I think we should sing all 8 verses...don't you?" or, "I only like the songs that I know..."     duh...really? ( maybe that's because you don't know the others....)  It's so hard to please everyone.  But I do try....

The other day, while I was on the stand not listening to the speaker but instead thumbing through the hymn book looking for potential hymns..I had a funny memory pop into my head.  In Sacrament meeting, the kids were unusually occupied looking through the hymn book....they would look at the title of each hymn and then start giggling with each other.  I leaned over and said..."what are you guys doing?"  "Oh nothing"....(more snorting with laughter) Then they fessed up that they were going through the hymns, and reading the titles.  After each title, they would add the words "in the bathroom."  I started looking at the titles with them....

I saw another Angel fly...in the bathroom!
What Glorious Scenes Mine Eyes Behold...in the Bathroom!
Praise to the man...in the bathroom!
Does the Journey seem long....in the bathroom!

I couldn't help it..we all started giggling uncontrollably!  I know...totally inappropriate...right?
Regardless, it made me stop for a minute and giggle like a kid.  To be honest, I probably need to lighten up, and be grateful for my calling.  I love the hymns and I love music...and I get to be the one to pick what I like!  Because after all...Sweet is the work......Oh, you know the rest.

Monday, May 21, 2012

A little sad news....

When we left Utah, it was impossible for us to take our Pets with us....my niece Tara came to our rescue and took our kitty "Paris" with her to Idaho.  We got a text a few days ago, letting us know that Paris had passed away in her bed.  Thanks to Tara, she was able to spend her last years in a country place with lots of kids to love her.  She was such a good kitty....I hope she is in a happy place with lots to eat...(no mice, mind you....if there were mice there, then it wouldn't be Heaven.  At least in my mind...) and a warm place to stretch out and sleep in the sunshine.  Love you, Kitty Kitty.


I just got back last week from Utah where I was able to meet for the first time ever, my new SWEET!  Can I have a warm welcome to the newest little Garcia boy....MAX!
He is pure perfection!  The proud parents have decided to name him Max Robert Garcia....the Dread Pirate could not be more pleased.....just look at those sweet little cheeks! (the ones on the other end are really cute, too!)  He is such a cutie, I hated to leave!

Then today, I got word that Max has already been invited to his first pool party!

Not only that....but Sweet Isla had her 2nd Birthday!
That means I missed both parties with the Sweets!

Oh Man! ....remind me again why I live in California.....?

I love you, my Sweets!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh What A Day!

So last Saturday,  I went into crazy town with the Dread Pirate.  We were going to hear a seminar given by Robyn Openshaw, aka: Green Smoothie Girl.  Parking was horrendous and traffic was insane...but we made it there ok somehow.  At her seminars she does a raffle for her books and programs and even for a blendtec blender!  People....I WON!  I MEAN BIG TIME!  It was so crazy!  The DPR bought raffle tickets seriously on a last minute whim...and we won her complete "12 steps to Whole Foods" program and also the Blender! I was so shocked I could hardly breath!  She asked me my name and I had to think hard to remember!  Very exciting....but the best part?  She has really inspired me to get back into raw food.  Most of you know that I did raw a long time ago.  The changes I saw in my body and in my health I would call real miracles. (if you don't know my story...you can read it on the side bar or here. sorry...it's so long) I maintained all of that for about 9 years, but in the last 2 or 3, I have really struggled.  I have to say, that even as I am writing this...I am afraid of your judgement.  I know that is really stupid...but I do.  I have been such an advocate of healthy eating and talk about it all the time....but really have been a horrible example in the last couple of years.  After hearing and talking with Robyn, I felt like it is just time!  Time to get back into what I know is the right thing for me.  I also like what GSG recommends....80% raw with some cooked foods, so it really is do-able for a life time. I learned before, that sustaining 100% raw was VERY difficult. I felt like Heaven was telling me...last Saturday...."I'm giving  you a second chance".   So, I'm putting it out there....just so you know that, I'm not perfect...I'm trying...still!  And, I think I will go about it a little smarter this time.  I will not beat myself up if I blow it...I will just carefully pick myself up and start again...forgiving myself, when I need to.  Here is to second chances....thank Heaven.