Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh What A Day!

So last Saturday,  I went into crazy town with the Dread Pirate.  We were going to hear a seminar given by Robyn Openshaw, aka: Green Smoothie Girl.  Parking was horrendous and traffic was insane...but we made it there ok somehow.  At her seminars she does a raffle for her books and programs and even for a blendtec blender!  People....I WON!  I MEAN BIG TIME!  It was so crazy!  The DPR bought raffle tickets seriously on a last minute whim...and we won her complete "12 steps to Whole Foods" program and also the Blender! I was so shocked I could hardly breath!  She asked me my name and I had to think hard to remember!  Very exciting....but the best part?  She has really inspired me to get back into raw food.  Most of you know that I did raw a long time ago.  The changes I saw in my body and in my health I would call real miracles. (if you don't know my story...you can read it on the side bar or here. sorry...it's so long) I maintained all of that for about 9 years, but in the last 2 or 3, I have really struggled.  I have to say, that even as I am writing this...I am afraid of your judgement.  I know that is really stupid...but I do.  I have been such an advocate of healthy eating and talk about it all the time....but really have been a horrible example in the last couple of years.  After hearing and talking with Robyn, I felt like it is just time!  Time to get back into what I know is the right thing for me.  I also like what GSG recommends....80% raw with some cooked foods, so it really is do-able for a life time. I learned before, that sustaining 100% raw was VERY difficult. I felt like Heaven was telling me...last Saturday...."I'm giving  you a second chance".   So, I'm putting it out there....just so you know that, I'm not perfect...I'm trying...still!  And, I think I will go about it a little smarter this time.  I will not beat myself up if I blow it...I will just carefully pick myself up and start again...forgiving myself, when I need to.  Here is to second chances....thank Heaven.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Nina and Levi

We were at the Bistro on 25th Street, everyone talking and working....getting ready for the next day.  "THE"day.  Someone made a comment about Nina and Levi being married in less than 12 hours...the color drained out of his face. It looked like "tossing his cookies" was in order. Later, he told us in the car that he had never been more nervous in his life!  Not on the plane going to Basic...not even on the plane going to Iraq.  But that sweet little face with the cutest dimples has toppled him to his knees....Oh LOVE!  (way to go, Nina!)

White knuckles....

Breathing now....

Pure JOY!

sealing the deal with a ring...

Phew!  They made it!

Hey world....meet the newest McConnell girl!  ya...we love her....

We drove back from Utah the day before yesterday.  The whole way I dreamed of the most beautiful forest with mushrooms and moss....little trolls atop lemon yellow cake....birds and nests tucked onto boughs and polka-dotted girls with yellow sneakers.  My mind went over and over every detail that we have been planning for the last few months. 

But nothing compares to that little turned up smile that was on Levi's face as he married the girl of his dreams.
We couldn't be happier.