Monday, May 9, 2016

The Louvre and such....

I have to say that today was a super exciting day for me.  I have heard about going to the Louvre from others, and dreamt of going myself, for a really long is the King of museums it seems.  What I didn't expect was the emotional swelling upon seeing so many of the masterpieces there.  Everyone told me that the Mona Lisa was a disappointment to them, and granted, she is much smaller than I had imagined. But she is stunningly beautiful.  I still love her.
I did not expect to be so moved by the statuary!  Trust me when I say that it is overwhelmingly beautiful and dramatic.

This maiden was one of my favorites...
 Look at the detail of her foot and toes....I mean the artistry to be able to carve a statue like this!  The transparency of her toes ....I seriously could swoon.

The ceiling....oh my!
 and Venus....I love her too!

After the Louvre, we headed across the street to a restaurant to have dinner.  We sat down outside, and struck up a conversation with the cutest French couple ever.  We talked with them for about an hour and a half!  They really wanted to chat!  They were darling....we ended up exchanging addresses and invited them to stay in St. George!  

Ok....this is the part that you must pay attention to!  What we ordered...this is highly important!
Rob ordered a wonderful sesame encrusted Tuna with a fantastic mint type sauce....It was Magnifique!  But the pièce de résistance?  The filet of sole cooked in butter....I could melt again just thinking about it! Please feel free to weep while looking at it....

And I kid you not....I reacted just like this when they brought it out!.....

For dessert we had a scrumptious Creme brulee' (again)....(there is something really wrong with us!  We can't stop ourselves!)

Such a fantastic day!  
Oh....and I saw this girl walk by with the cutest coat ever!  

Somebody stop me.....I'm seriously out of control....

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