Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Oh my...lovely July

I can't believe it. July is almost over! It makes me freak out just a bit....where has the time gone? It really just flew by in a blur. So many things happened this month that I didn't mention, that I need to do a little catch up here and now...before the month disappears.

1.Jeff graduated from Basic!

Jeff is the the 3rd one back on the left (holding the light blue flag)...Holy cow, they look sharp! We weren't able to go to the graduation...but Claire said it was incredible! People were screaming and cheering and the guys were just down right tough! (So wish we could have gone.)
Did I mention....I am so darn proud?

2. Levi had surgery on his legs! He was diagnosed with "compartmental syndrome"..(where the membrane that covers the muscle doesn't expand enough when you exercise, causing major blood pressure and pain...) ouch! so they had to move his date back a bit and he has been convalescing for the last couple of weeks.(check out the sweet hat...beret style, and the sweet nurse, shaving his can tell Levi "hated" that!)

This is him after the surgery being a total dork...(he had crackers in his mouth)...and the great thing is that he doesn't remember a bit of it...;)

3. Had bronchitis...that was fun
4. Girls camp got over just in time for Youth Conference...
5. More wedding stuff....wat up wid dat?
6. played with little man. oh ya.
And it is official...we love CHERRIES!

7. April and Corbin came for a we went to the fireworks:

You know, July and fireworks are two of my very favoritest things...seriously....If anyone ever asked me what my favorite holiday was, the answer was always the 4th of July...but I found something I love to watch more than the fireworks...Sweet E watching the fireworks! He was so adorable (and so tired) Trying to keep his eyes open to see the big blasts...I couldn't take my eyes off him! I love that little man so much.

He also helped us wash the car.

8. A million other little life things also happened....and now?

August is mine to love and hold! All I want to do is a little painting, hold a new baby girl, and kiss on my sweet DPR. Please do not call me if you are planning on interrupting my plan.
Bye was sweet.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

the 24th of july

Yesterday, we went downtown to watch the parade! I love a good parade....I mean...
what's not to love?
Floats, horses, girls with sparkly dresses, heavy machinery, marching bands....

we also saw a little of this.....yewww.

....and here in Utah....Missionaries and pioneers!

For our family, going to the pioneer day parade has always been a tradition of the most important kind...mostly because this most important of holidays is more importantly the birthday for our first, ( and very important) child.....did I say it was important?...
When Kindle was really little, we used to tell her that for her birthday, we were going to have a parade and invite the whole city to celebrate her birthday!....(note to self...never say anything to a child that you really can't back up...later they will hold you to it.) Kindle still loves the parade...but me? I just really love Kindle.

Later we had a BBQ in Kindle's backyard, then went to the rodeo....GREAT FUN! GREAT DAY!
Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

Oh, and p.s. Kit had a great idea to make a "crepe cake" turned out really good, too. You can find the original recipe here. (we changed it to be sugar free by using pure maple and I used coconut milk in the pastry cream instead of regular milk. (just 'cause)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

latest project

I have been making a wedding dress for Kenzie...
we designed it together and I think it is so cool! check it out:

The detail at the neckline is seriously fun...
all handmade silk flowers with pearls and feathers.

Very Funky and Cool....just like she is.

p.s. you can see amazing pics of the dress here.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

"I need more cowbell" I am feeling a little random today. (hence my random title) I feel like I am needing so many random things jeans, and new...well...dishes..and maybe a new house...along with the cowbell. I also want...rrr...I mean NEED a cruiser bike that I saw on 25th street that has a motor attached so you don't have to pedal up hill. Love that. I also saw some really cute pillows at pottery barn that have my name written all over them, need those.
You get the picture?
I hate being this needy...but I do feel like I need these things, they are not wants-
oh no-they are neeeeeds, I tell you. I also need a haircut and color, (hint hint, Kindle)
and I need a good book and a pool to read it by...
I think what I really need is more of this:

Yes this is exactly what I need....

This was Rob's birthday cake. It was really yummy lemon cake with blackberries

and cream...yes all sugar free and gluten free.

If I had some of this, then I could contemplate my other needs....and maybe think of a way

to get that cowbell.

Monday, July 13, 2009

"happy birthday to live in a zoo..."

I've seriously been up all night, thinking. think..think..think..
I can't stop thinking of Rob. I wanted to write something great for Rob on his birthday
("c'mon, Denise...think of something clever...(cricket sound)...)

Well...I could write about the time he dressed up like a 2 headed lady with me and sang the "sisters" song from white Christmas...that was funny...

or...I could tell everyone how he used to get the kids to run outside and catch the 1st snowflakes on their tongues....that would be clever...
He would always take us out in the boat at Powell...and always looked cool...that

I could mention what a party animal he is....(kinda goes without saying..know what i mean?)...

he built a house for me once...that was pretty awesome...

but the thing that makes me go weak in the knees? it's that cute little sparkle in his eyes!
On our first date he had it...and I was hooked!

Happy Birthday Hon! You had me at ....sparkle.

Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have been sick of late, so haven't been doing much of anything except coughing....but I did neglect to make a very important post....Yesterday was Daniel's Birthday!
We cannot forget, oh no, for it would make one Colombian boy very unhappy if the mother-in-law forgot this one day that is dedicated to....CAKE for Daniel!

last year I made this lovely...a sponge cake of sorts with a hint of orange zest and filled with cream and berries...Oh how the boy smiled and inhaled. "Mother-in-law, this is just how it is in Colombia" he croons...could you make it again sometime?

of course I can...for you Daniel.

(at Christmas I made the Chocolate "busche de noel" version...mmmm)
Daniel is a regular cake-miester.(sort of like the ham-burgler)
No occasion is complete unless there is a cake to go with it...for a whole cake dedicated to him is beyond wonderful. I asked him what he wanted this year? He changed his mind 3 times...then thirty minutes after he left the house, he called me back and said.."can you make the chocolate cake with ganache on top and the pistacios on the side?"

For you Daniel?...anything.