Friday, September 2, 2011

and finally....(drum roll please)....

We've had birds nesting in the top of our bamboo shade on our patio all summer.  When they first started flying around looking for a place, the DPR immediately ran out to chase them away spouting opinions on how they were going to die out there if they built a nest because as soon as we turn on the AC it will be too hot....yada, yada...
They built a nest anyway, regardless of his opinions.  Then they did their birdy thing and before you can say "yumpin' yiminy" their were 3 little eggs in the nest.  Honestly, I didn't pay that much attention after that....until the end of July.  The little birdies were all busy and focused and I pretty much felt the same.

  in pictures.....


beautiful girl
tinted jars for lanterns and flowers

felted birds cake topper
We are family.


buckets of flowers

Vanilla Bean cake with Lemon-curd filling and buttercream...oh my!
on the patio
sundae bar---yum.

first dance

Stealing a quiet moment
Birdies flying away....

When we got home, I went to hang the lanterns on my patio.  I was dreaming of seeing the colored glass in the sunlight.  There.... I found the empty nest.
And I realized, it was really....really empty.