Monday, March 22, 2010


Oh Happy Daze! Claire has finally let the cat out of the bag, spilled the beans, or as some would say..."mom's the word"...
She is Pregnant! That grand-baby for me...let me say it again..."OH HAPPY DAY!"
Hmmmm...I wonder what wee one will look like...

Slightly disturbing...

October baby...can't wait!

Monday, March 15, 2010

This was today....

There is the most amazing moss that covers everything around here! It is all over the trees and it is totally is even on the ground on the edges of my pathway. take a look:

I have spent so much money on bags of this stuff at home...who knew you could come to Cali and find it laying on the ground....

And get a load of this....Calla Lilies in someone's....YARD!! Are you kidding me?

Just Lovely.

Hmmm...(sigh), beautiful day.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March right in!

I love March! March means that April, May, and even June, are right around the corner...and winter is really almost over. It also means that we celebrate all things Irish...and I LOVE me some Irish. The hills here have their green on like crazy and it makes my heart sing!

It also means that it's time for St. Paddy's of my favorite holidays.
Here are the best ways to get your Irish on:

1. wear green! As I said before...Green makes everything feel alive, so first thing is to put on something green..."No doesn't count if your underwear is green"...(cricket sound)....just kiddin...(more cricket sound)..moving on.

2. watch Irish movies
The Quiet Man is one of my all time favorites! John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara are the best....and who can resist Tom and Nicole in Far and Away....this was when Nicole was not ruined by plastic surgery. Love this movie....especially when Nicole's mom says: "This is no longer the Ireland of my Barth"....Huh...I love that.

Or how about a little Darby O' you remember Sean Connery being in this? Who knew....and of course... Brigadoon. (sigh)...I love it that the guys go hunting in business suits...

3. hang out with redheads
Here are a few of MY favorites:

See how much fun they are?

4. wear plaid:

and who doesn't like a guy in a skirt?....

5. Talk with an accent. Kindle is really good at this....on the other hand...I suck at this. It just comes out like an english/mexican something....that's why I thought of number 6.

6. If you can't do #5 then say everything with an "O" or a "Mc" in front of it.
Like this: "Please pass the O'pepper and the McSalt."
(Oh yaa...we're havin fun now...)

And finallly and most "Carned" Beef and Cabbage. Every year we would make a huge crockpot full of corned beef cooked in beer with cabbage and roasted potatoes. It is SOOOO good. I'm tellin ya.... it is addictive. You'll want to start your own tradition with this one.

I wish you all a wee bit o' luck and let me know how you get your Irish on!

Love you,
McNeisy McConnell