Thursday, March 26, 2009

Claire and Jeff

I havent had a chance to talk much about my sweet petunia. Not nearly as much has been said that should have been said about daughter #3. (upon reading this she will be shrinking and rolling her eyes...but that is why I had I could talk about them behind their backs...) I have many stories about Claire that I want to share with you, my humble readers, many lovely stories...but today is Jeff's day. Meet Jeff:
Jeff is cool.

Claire and Jeff got married a couple of years ago.
It was awesome.

now they have Juniper.
very cute...pees on my carpet...but none-the-less...a cool tall red
(just like Jeff, only female)

Today Jeff took the oath and joined the United States
Air Force Reserves.

I can't believe I will have 2 sons in the military. I know it will be a sacrifice for both of them, but I also know this is going to be a blessing, too. It is crazy hard and crazy good to see your kid's growing up and making life changing decisions on their own. You just have to let them go and let God take care of the rest of it. I am praying for both of my boys.

We are really proud of you, Jeff.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Today is Levi's Birthday....his 21st Birthday.

very important...very official...
you are now a dult.

(good thing...this world needs more dults.)

alrighty then...let's eat cake.

Happy Birthday sonny boy.

Friday, March 20, 2009

...don't mind me...

me to everyone in the fam:"have you read my blog, have you read my blog, have you read my blog, huh, huh, huh, have you read my blog?"

everyone: "no."

me: "I just posted, you gotta read it, see if you think it's good..."

everyone: "I will, just leave me alone."

me later: "have you read my blog, have you read my blog, have you read my blog, huh, huh, huh, have you read my blog?"

everyone: "ya."

me:"whad you think?

everyone: "it was o.k."

I liked it better when I was invisible.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Girls

This week the young women of our church had a fund-raiser for camp. We made, sold, and delivered 90 loaves of bread to the members of our ward!
Yes....most of them are "up a tree".

....they did good

I am completely wiped.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Where's my mitt?

Sweet- E boy and Danny came over yesterday to play.
They said,
"it's time for shorts and baseball". (I agree)

The grass is in need of some TLC...but the weather channel says another storm is coming.
(I can dream, can't grass, planted garden, sipping lemonade...
don't interrupt me...
I'm dreaming.)

Kit secretly told me that Ephraim got dressed first...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Temple....ya just gotta go!

I found this on the church website...and wanted to link to it. It's important for everyone to hear.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

"wild make everything...groovy" me and Kindle are driving around today having this conversation about aging. She reminded me that when I was her age, She was eight.
She went on to let me know how she thought I was sooo old then, but she doesn't feel like she is old now...
So here's the know this whole "young adult having fun" thing really only last a short while in the whole scheme of things. I mean really, you have about a 10 year stint of leading the "cool, carefree,my way or the highway" kind of life.

Here's the real thing about it....(listen closely)


I'm telling you....It doesn't matter how many wrinkles the mirror is a woman my age, I still think of myself being, you know, 20-ish...and all my friends do too. I know just about everything is sagging either to my waist or to my ankles (depending on the item) it doesn't my mind I am still young and can do anything...except sometimes I can't breathe for a long time after doing that "anything" walking out to the car for instance.

So the next time you see someone in "mid-life" with lots of wrinkles
(I'm living to be 100)

give them a break...they are just immature young "thangs" that have just been having a good time... (in their minds)