Sunday, June 21, 2009

the men in my life

I got up this morning to make huevos rancheros for is father's day after all and you know how he likes his eggs--- sunny side up and smothered in hot sauce....
(just like he likes his women...tee).
cricket sound...

"I only said that because that is something he would have said."
more cricket sound...

K...Back to blogging...

So I got to thinking about these men in my life. My brothers...and then this forever partner of mine...Rob.

My Dad was awesome. I think Levi looks like him.
The one on this end is my dad...

My brothers were cool, too...I think they are cooler now as grown daddies
than I did growing up with them....they were'nt that good at sharing bathrooms.

But Rob? Man I love that man!
always have
always will.

...and he's easy to share the bathroom with.

Happy Father's Day sweetheart.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Megan and Joseph

I just got back last night from Richland. Claire, Kindle, and I drove last week to Washington for Megan's wedding....I must share...because it was awesome! Here are a few pics:

After the ceremony, Mindy had planned a beautiful luncheon for the family...totally cool...I know who the person is behind the curtain that keeps everything's Min.( she even cut the vinyl monograms for the doors) It was truly great. She did a fabulous job.

We spent the evening at a beautiful reception...laughing our heads off with the Baird family.

I made the cake....I call it the Blake cake because it is chocolate cake with almond coconut
(my take on almond joy). It was good....very good.

(I love how the coconut looks like the hydrangeas on the tables)

me and my peeps.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Friends and weddings

Last week, after graduation, Jamie called me to come and
Jamie is one of those special people in my life that is put here on the earth to make the world a better place. For one thing...her smile. wait I hear a song....
"When Jamie takes me miles" (remember the movie "just friends"- HA!)
no really.... she just lights up the place. She is a great friend-OH yah...did I mention that Jamie is Jeff's mom, Claire's mother-in-law? Well, now I'm related, sorta, to one of my best friends! Also, she is really talented. she does weddings!

Anyway, she asked if I wanted to help her put an arch together for an up coming wedding. Where, you ask? Well..let's ride the tram up to Snow Basin. Yes....I am in!
The ride was lovely

Isn't Claire beautiful?

See what I mean about that smile...
It was a great day. Thanks Jamie.