Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Everything is the same...but different.

Today, I wanted to do something special for Janet, for her birthday.  We started watching this thing on youtube about Mary Berry...have you heard of her?  She is a famous baker/cook from Britain who is a lovely person....and she is the judge on The great British Bake-off, and also the The Great British baking show.  (the only difference in the shows is the bake-off one is for the UK and has been going on for like 6 seasons.  The other one is for the US and has been running on PBS for the last 2 years.)  They are fantastic to watch!  If you haven't tuned in....you should!  Run don't walk to your computer....

Anyway....we were watching a thing about her life, and she started making the most fabulous bread pudding, and Janet said...."my favorite thing is a raspberry bread pudding they have at Kneaders....with a fantastic sauce on top."  The idea was planted in my brain, and off I went to the Albert Heijn.  Now that is a perfect example of what everything is like over here....Albert Heijn..or the heir of Albert...get it.....ALBERT'S SON.....A-L-B-E-R-T-S-O-N-S.

Like I said....everything is the same....but different.  I was trying to gather ingredients for my raspberry bread pudding.  I found a copy cat recipe for the Kneaders one...and was trying to find the ingredients that were specific....but written in Dutch.  Yikes....that's hard!   Shopping at the grocery store here is like putting a puzzle together....looking at packaging and trying to guess what is inside!  I found this.... what I thought was cream.  I asked a lady standing by me...."is this cream that is sweet, not sour"  she assured me that it was so I bought it...
 She was right...it was cream, but it was already whipped!  I used it anyway and just hoped for the best!
 It turned out great.....yummy, custardy, with a ribbon of raspberry running through, and a yummy sauce on the top.  Sometimes....different is even better!
 Happy Birthday Janet!
Life is good, with good friends and bread pudding.

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