Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Kitchen

This morning I got up to this:
Labor day weekend was a bust....everyone headed in different directions: Garners to Vegas, Claire to Texas, and everyone else here had there own schedule happening. Thus it is with adult children....they do whatever they want and you have no control. (dang, I hate that free-will stuff) Anyway, Monday proved differently...they all came home, not all at the same time granted...but they all made it back to see what was happening in my kitchen.
The Kitchen I had growing up was small, dark, and seemed to more often than not offer up burned dinners. Even with that, there were alot of really good memories made there. I remember doing the dishes with my sister, Maureen, and we would sing camp songs and harmonize old timey songs like "you are my sunshine". In the summer, it might end up with a water fight. I miss singing like that....
When Rob and I moved to the house on 27th street, we had small children and proceeded to remodel like crazy.One day I came out (I was busily getting ready for girls camp) and Rob had taken a sledge hammer to the wall! "What the....!" He decided that while I was gone that week, he was gonna remodel the kitchen...6months later it was done. Ok...It was worth it. We had so much fun in that kitchen. After dinner we would get all the kids to help clean up....we would turn the music on loud and sing and dance around while we were all doing dishes and wiping counter tops. the kids never wanted to stop, so we would dance around for a couple of hours. I have vivid memories of them doing these crazy dances to Ravel's Bolero, or Ella Fitzgerald....our music selection was all over the map, so they got a very diverse education in music. ( not to worry...we mostly listened to rock...Rob and I are children of the 60's and 70's you know)
(we bought these great big strawberries that looked like tongues...heh, heh,....ok so we're a
little dimented.)

(there at Easter...)

I absolutely had the kitchen of my dreams, when we built our house in the valley. We had great parties there...it was made for having lots of people and lots of good food....the dancing continued....

This is a picture I took right before we sold the house. Don't get me started...that is a whole nuther post.So where was I...Oh ya...labor day....well on Monday, we picked Claire up from the airport with Levi and on the way home, decided that we needed peaches, which were not on the way home...but DPR being the sweet pirate that he is drove us to Willard to get a box of peaches. =)

So, last night I made some wonderful (sugar-free) peach pie that is to die for...and viola'everyone showed up. I guess it's not the size of your kitchen, but the size of the love in your kitchen that makes them come back for more....or maybe it's just peach pie.....ok...whatever.
anyway, so here I am eating peach pie for breakfast and thinking of my kitchen and that I need to clean it up. Maybe I'll turn on a little music....


The Draper Fam said...

All of the kitchens you mentioned have been some of the places with the greatest memories of my life. As a child at Grandpas, engaged at the 27th street house, old cousin watching young cousins get married at the Huntsville house... Love it. Great post--
Ps. Craving that peach pie. There is a little Draper inside making me very sick.

Cyndi said...

Dancing in the kitchen.....we recently instituted "Dean Martin" moments while we fix dinner on thanksgiving and Christmas. Everyone stops and Mom insists that they all dance to Dean Martin. Yeah, it takes a few rounds to get everyone involved!

April said...

Oh I remember those days on 27th, ahh the memories. I remember there was always music on and really good food. The kitchen was the hang out and i loved that house. I still think of you guys when I drive by.