Wednesday, August 26, 2009

McConnell Road

Rob finally got home last night. This time he's been in Oregon visiting his folks and doing some work for them. Hermiston is one of those towns that seem to never change....I know it does, maybe it's just that it goes a little slower, or maybe it's just that we don't get back there very often. Regardless, it seems to me that it is a little slice out of time.
The McConnell "homestead" on McConnell Road is the thing I like the most about Hermiston. Lot's of good memories there...the 1st time I met Rob, he was leaving for his mission in about a week, I was there to hang with Liz....oh ya...(wink,wink) Liz was more fun than anyone in the world to hang with (and still is) and if I remember right I think this visit had something to do with motorcycles.

(as you can see, this was taken in '94....they had to cut this tree down a few years ago...)

Bonnie and Warren have always had a fantastic garden and yard, and a back patio that overlooks the Umatilla River, and farming fields below. We would all go out and sit on the side yard under the huge trees and swing in the hammock lazily, while the kids ran around in the sprinklers or swung in the tire swing. They built their house back in the day...probably around 50 years ago. Rob says that they built the garage first and lived in it while they slowly got the rest of the house done. Over the years it has evolved into the neatest place.

(View from the front porch)

Bonnie has always had style...born with it.

I always remember her emerging every morning with the most beautiful
house robes on.
I'm not kidding! beautiful velvet looking bathrobes that made her look like the
queen of Sheba just arrived.
Someday I'm going to stop wearing sweats in the
morning and look glorious like a queen.

Some things never change.

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