Friday, September 25, 2009

Fru-its of our Labors

It all started a while ago when someone, (for the life of me I can't remember who) I think it was Kit...gave me a bunch of apricots. "Awesome, I will make jam" I thought. So I did, and so did Kindle and Kit.
Then a couple of weeks ago, a neighbor brought over a box full of cucumbers and peppers and tomatoes out of her garden. She had way too much and was going on vacation..."they all were going to waste", if I didn't take them. So I did, and made dill pickle relish and salsa...mmm.
Then you know I bought peaches, but I ended up leaving town, so I gave them to all the girls to do whatever when I got back, I went and got some more so I could can peaches...
Kindle wanted some, and she wanted me to take a left-over box of apples that she couldn't finish, so I did, and made apple pie filling.
Claire's mother-in-law (Jamie) called to see if I would take a huge bowl of Roma tomatoes, so I did, and made spaghetti sauce.
Kindle wanted to trade some jalapenos' she had done, so I did.

Just bringing people together one piece of produce at a time. =)

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