Monday, September 14, 2009

Basic training

My baby boy left today...

ok, I know he's not a baby..he's actually this tough guy that drinks milk from the carton and chews tobacco. (hopefully not together) but it still felt like my heart would melt when I said good bye.
I joked around and told him to think positive...we laughed with the staff sergeant over something I wasn't even listening to...Rob had told him before to fly under the radar, and that he didn't have to be the fastest in the group, just not the slowest...I could feel the heat rising up from my sw0llen heart. I smiled and told him "it would all be okay", and "we'll see you at Christmas." we hugged... I walked out to the car...we drove away and then I realized that my heart was still in his hands...and then came the tears.



JulieBelle said...

I can't believe Levi is in Basic Training!
I love you Denise!
You will always win the Everyday Awesome Award, hands down :)

Blake said...

Did you know that you were strong enough for this?

That day you held him in your arms.And took him everywhere to show the world what you could create.

Then you realized that physically he was too big to hold in your hands.

So now you hold him in your heart.


With his name engraved secretly.

So when you cannot touch him physically.

You can hear his heart beat.

Cause it beats in rhythm with yours.

Through space and time.

Speak his name in time of silence.

In times of Joy.

In times of Sorrow.

Cause it beats silently in your heart.


(Love ya! B)

Neisy said...

thanks blake...i needed that.
love you too