Sunday, September 13, 2009

Quickie Vaca

Last Tuesday, Rob was getting ready to go to Cali. for some business. As I was helping to load the truck, which was full to the brim...except the passenger side...I thought to myself..."why am I not sitting in that passenger seat?" I quickly called everyone that I could, to take care of everything for the week that I was supposed to do---threw together a duffel bag of clothes and before I knew it, we were cruising along on our way to the Bay! There IS a God.

The shore at Half Moon Bay:



Yes, we saw a BEAR!

The world is truly a beautiful place. I'm glad we get to live in it.

Also, it just so happens that this trip coincided with our 29th Anniversary,
which was yesterday the 12th of September!

"It's been a wild ride you more."

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