Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pretty in Pink

I finally finished!....and I think a show and tell is in order.  But first, the details:  When I went up to be with Claire and Jeff after the baby was born, Claire showed me a hat she had just finished knitting for Liv.  So darling, I just had to jump in!  I made a pair of matching booties to go with it.  Claire had purchased a really cute knitting book for baby, with too many cute patterns.  We spent every day going back and forth from Tacoma to Seattle Children's Hospital, and in-between feedings I would knit like a mad woman!  It really kept me busy. (and helped me not worry so much....)  Just take a look:

Wrap around Kimono and matching booties!
the booties are meant to be like ballerina slippers with the ribbon wrapping around the leg... I am totally hooked!   I'm thinking this kimono with a black onesy and white tights to look like a ballerina...yes?  


Toni Marie said...

that is so stinkin adorable!!!!!!!! i LOVE them!!

Roybn said...

Soooo cute! I didn't know you were such a knitter! I wish I could, but the Merrie Miss B teacher in my past threw up her hands in despair at my left-handedness. Sigh...