Saturday, October 9, 2010

On growing things....

 I got home from Seattle a couple of days ago.  I consider it a huge blessing to have been able to spend time there with our new little Olive and Claire and Jeff.  Jeff and I took turns sleeping in her hospital room through the night....she seemed to eat better when she had that personal time with someone really engaging with her, rather than nurses hurrying through those late night feedings, and then giving her food through the ng tube if she was too tired to eat. One of the nights that I was there, I sang to her, and we talked, (I talked-she listened)...I tried to nudge the little sprout into eating and growing.  I felt as if I had known this little soul forever.  The doctor came in the next morning and gave me a high-5....she had only needed to be ng'd one time within 24 hours, and her feeding tube could be removed.  Go "Nana D".....

I can't believe it is already October!   When I got home it felt just like it did when I left, except the evidence of changing seasons was in my backyard.  We are lucky....we live in an apartment complex with a view of a garden as our backyard.  (most of our neighbors have a view of other know?)  But it has been abandoned sort of....still fruit to harvest, but the owners have decided that they were done.
In Utah, we would not have had a choice in the matter....mother nature is in charge of those decisions.  I wished I could jump over fences and pick the tomatoes and turn the hose back on to keep it all going. Instead we went to the market and bought this:

 ...made me feel like I had grown it myself.  There is something to be said for appreciating homegrown....whether it's vegetables, or flowers, or kids for that matter....we nudge them along with love.  and that's all that matters.

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