Tuesday, October 19, 2010

How to Eat a Dragon

Last week I went to a Relief Society/craft/get-away-from-it-all night at our church. I took a class on making authentic egg rolls from a woman there who was from Laos.  OH MY!  was it ever fun...and de-lish as well.  She turned us all on to this Asian Market not far from us, so the DPR and I went to check it out. All of a sudden we were transported to China!  I mean it...just be the shear number of people in the place...it felt like being in Hong Kong or Beijing or someplace exotic like that.  I mean shoulder to shoulder people! Listen, I could go on and on talking about the packages of dried fish and mushrooms and pocky sticks and stuff, but one of the things that was most impressive was the amount of produce!  Stuff that I love and stuff I have never seen or heard of...we saw a lady walking around with a cart full of these:  Dragon Fruit!

"Behold the Dragon"
 They were sooo beautiful...lovely color, don't you think?  So of course we had to try....

First, you cut the thing in half to reveal the insides...I know..right? Not what I expected either!  Then you scoop out the insides with a spoon like you would an avocado.....then cube it up and put it back in the beautiful fusia skin to serve.
It tastes sort of like a kiwi only milder and you don't get that burn on your tongue like you do sometimes with kiwi....not as sweet as I thought it would be, but very refreshing. 
The DPR turned Dragon Slayer
carcass of the Beast...

It seems there is always something new waiting around the corner....it might just be a dragon.


Plain Jame said...

My neighbor is from Laos - and we get her delish food from time to time. Spring rolls, pad thai, meatball soup. She's awesome! It's not usually Laotian food, but she loves to cook with asian flair and I LOVE it!

Roybn said...

I don't know whether I could eat those with my eyes open, they look like they are infested with little bugs. I am very visual with my food, and cursed with an easy gag reflex. I may just have to take your word for it, Denise. Anyway, happy eating and exploring!