Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have been sick of late, so haven't been doing much of anything except coughing....but I did neglect to make a very important post....Yesterday was Daniel's Birthday!
We cannot forget, oh no, for it would make one Colombian boy very unhappy if the mother-in-law forgot this one day that is dedicated to....CAKE for Daniel!

last year I made this lovely...a sponge cake of sorts with a hint of orange zest and filled with cream and berries...Oh how the boy smiled and inhaled. "Mother-in-law, this is just how it is in Colombia" he croons...could you make it again sometime?

of course I can...for you Daniel.

(at Christmas I made the Chocolate "busche de noel" version...mmmm)
Daniel is a regular cake-miester.(sort of like the ham-burgler)
No occasion is complete unless there is a cake to go with it...for a whole cake dedicated to him is beyond wonderful. I asked him what he wanted this year? He changed his mind 3 times...then thirty minutes after he left the house, he called me back and said.."can you make the chocolate cake with ganache on top and the pistacios on the side?"

For you Daniel?...anything.

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