Saturday, July 25, 2009

the 24th of july

Yesterday, we went downtown to watch the parade! I love a good parade....I mean...
what's not to love?
Floats, horses, girls with sparkly dresses, heavy machinery, marching bands....

we also saw a little of this.....yewww.

....and here in Utah....Missionaries and pioneers!

For our family, going to the pioneer day parade has always been a tradition of the most important kind...mostly because this most important of holidays is more importantly the birthday for our first, ( and very important) child.....did I say it was important?...
When Kindle was really little, we used to tell her that for her birthday, we were going to have a parade and invite the whole city to celebrate her birthday!....(note to self...never say anything to a child that you really can't back up...later they will hold you to it.) Kindle still loves the parade...but me? I just really love Kindle.

Later we had a BBQ in Kindle's backyard, then went to the rodeo....GREAT FUN! GREAT DAY!
Happy Birthday, Kiddo!

Oh, and p.s. Kit had a great idea to make a "crepe cake" turned out really good, too. You can find the original recipe here. (we changed it to be sugar free by using pure maple and I used coconut milk in the pastry cream instead of regular milk. (just 'cause)

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Becky said...

That is such a cute picture of Kindle's first birthday! What a great mom you are always making all these wonderful and delicious cakes for every occasion! You're truly amazing with everything you do Aunt Denise!