Saturday, July 18, 2009

"I need more cowbell" I am feeling a little random today. (hence my random title) I feel like I am needing so many random things jeans, and new...well...dishes..and maybe a new house...along with the cowbell. I also want...rrr...I mean NEED a cruiser bike that I saw on 25th street that has a motor attached so you don't have to pedal up hill. Love that. I also saw some really cute pillows at pottery barn that have my name written all over them, need those.
You get the picture?
I hate being this needy...but I do feel like I need these things, they are not wants-
oh no-they are neeeeeds, I tell you. I also need a haircut and color, (hint hint, Kindle)
and I need a good book and a pool to read it by...
I think what I really need is more of this:

Yes this is exactly what I need....

This was Rob's birthday cake. It was really yummy lemon cake with blackberries

and cream...yes all sugar free and gluten free.

If I had some of this, then I could contemplate my other needs....and maybe think of a way

to get that cowbell.

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