Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thinking and Rambling....

I have been doing alot of thinking the last couple of days...about my life so far. So many ups and downs. I think what the real deal that there were probably more ups than downs I just did'nt realize that we were in an "up" time. I thought it was a down time. OR maybe I made it a down time because I was having "brain junk" going know..."everything is bad because it's not what I want..."
(stupid, stupid brain....why do I even have a brain..........wait...)

The girls and I were talking the other day about being a stay-at-home mom vs. a working-mom
---wait---it has to be said that I hate that verbage. I worked my butt off, I just happened to do it while I was being a mother at home. Anyway, It seems to still be a concern....are you valid as a person if all you do is mother? I remember wrestling with this question in my own mind...trying to find validation. In hind sight I know that it was the best blessing that could possibly have been...but I don't know if I appreciated it as much as I should have.
I remember being overwhelmed alot...I don't think I was a great mother of small children. I wasn't very patient. But I do remember having fun with them all...and I do remember thinking how much I loved them, and I know I prayed about them constantly. I hope that counts for something.

To all the young mothers out there, at home or not, I know I'm old enough to be your mother....but here's my advice: Stop for a minute and imagine yourself with them all grown. Then go thank Heavenly Father for today...and pray that you will be able to enjoy it all day!


Plain Jame said...

I am definitely guilty of thinking or looking to the future or the past instead of in the moment.
I dont think much about me feeling less of a woman by not being a career woman. What I do struggle with is comparing myself to other moms that seem to do it all so much better than myself.

Bottom line: there isn't ANYTHING I'd rather be doing than what I am.
Sometimes I'd just like to be doing it better... or wish I could travel more... or wish I looked a little more presentable when I'm doing what I'm doing!

Love ya denise - glad K showed me your awesome blog!

Neisy said...

Hi jaime...i'm glad you found me, too!
SOOO many lessons learned through hind-sight for me...
keep up the "good" work..that is the "mother work"
love you

April said...

oh I've always loved that pic of Kindle so so cute.

Cyndi said...

I finally got to the point of saying, "...To hell with the house, get in the car were going on a 'Mom adventure'!
The house was a mess, dishes in the sink, etc....but, dang, we had fun!