Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The "Dread Pirate Robert"

Rob called from Cali last Saturday letting me know that he wasn't coming home. He would have to stay 3 more days in order to solve a few work problems. But after seeing my last post...decided that I should go out there to spend the weekend.
( A man can go only so long without his grapefruit)
so I hopped on a plane, ready for my Sunshine Fix!!

San Fran had record rain for the next 3 days.

What the "H-E double hockey sticks!"
I swear the powers in charge are against me ever being warm.
Oh well....the DPR (see title) was very sweet and only said once that "he would probably kill me in the morning."
We did do alot of driving around to theatre's.

I saw lot's of manikins in windows...very fancy

we drove down Lombard Street
( it was just like in "what's up Doc?" know the Streisand movie that is so funny...back when Babs was funny and not political.)

I wore my red shoes.
it was good.

I saw the sun from the airplane
window on the way home. sigh.

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JulieBelle said...

The sun will come soon! It was nearly 50 degrees today (if the car temperature thing was right...never can depend on those)......

P.S. I like the shoes!