Monday, February 9, 2009

Kit Kit Bo Bit Banana Fana Fo Fit Me My Mo Mit...

Today is Kit's 25th birthday !
(man I feel ol_....I mean.....established.) So of course CAKE is in order.
How I love cake. even the word is kinda yummy. I made this cake for Daniel's B-day last year and it was a Kit needed a repeat. ( last year it was totally sugared out!!)
sweety-boy was there, too:)

But.........You guessed it...I wanted to eat it... so it is all pretty Healthy, and pretty light considering the changes I made. I used a simple recipe from the Good Housekeeping Cook Book and tweaked it....WW flour and replaced the sugar with pure Maple. No processed sugar anywhere in sight. I can make a cake and eat it TOO!

My next goal is to try to figure out a sugar-free and dairy free frosting. I'm thinkin'..... "air".?

Happy Birthday GOOFBALL!

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