Monday, July 13, 2015

Happy Birthday to the Dread Pirate Robert

Operation "Birthday surprise for the pirate" has been on going for a whole year...for real!!! It all started last summer when Kindle reminded me that this year was one of those BIG number years for Rob....a very special number that shall not be named.....Okay, it's 60.  I knew that we needed to celebrate big time, but is IMPOSSIBLE to surprise this guy.  I told everyone that they absolutely had to keep it silent, and that they all needed to expect a trip next summer, and to ready themselves.  Here is how it went down...

Summer 2014-December 2014: Entire family struggles to keep secret.  This is super hard for our family...but I threatened whips and chains if they blew it!   One little wrench...Claire divulges that she is pregnant, and due the last week of July!  This means that a destination needs to be somewhere that she can drive to.  No worries...we can do that...the Search is on!

January 2015:  Thorough searching  of VRBO....Oregon Coast was decided we find a place for 19 1/2 people!

February 20, 2015:  The Pirate leaves town...HA!  Denise quickly secures VRBO location while Rob is not looking....Whew!

February -June: Entire family has almost blown it several times!  At one point, I almost just asked him out-right if he knew!  I resisted and Awesomely....he was clueless.

Last week in June:  Rob asks if I want to fly to Utah for the 4th....???!!!!  I slyly answer..."No...I'm going at the end of the month to help Claire...let's just stay here and clean the church on the 4th".  (He buys it!!!!  It's a miracle!!)  BWWWAAAAHHHAAAA!

July 3-4:  Whole family (except the pirate and I...hmmm...sounds like a band name....) leaves Utah and drives or flies to Portland Oregon.  Rob can't figure out why no one is answering their phones.
(it was just safe that way)

July 5:  Sunday morning....Rob wakes up and says to me..."Honey, I really need a vacation."
(Blink, Blink)  I respond..."Well today is your lucky day, because we are getting on the plane this afternoon!"  (What happened next is totally awesome)  Rob totally flipped out  in a crazy rant!  He paces and freaks out, because he can't figure out if I am serious or not.  When I tell him I am...he flips out some more!  (it was hilarious!)  The surprise is underway and he REALLY didn't know!  I've never lied so much in my whole life!

When we got into Cannon Beach, we drove to the rental...and there on the porch is the whole family screaming and yelling!  I thought he was going to seize up!  He did seize up!  SURPRISE!!  We did it...WE GOT HIM!  HOORAY!!!!

It was fabulous....just take a look:

Honestly....Our Family needed this!  Rob needed it....I needed it!  So thankful that we did it!

Happy Birthday, Mr. Pirate....I love you so much!

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