Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Little girls, little girls, everything about 'em is....little

What is it about GIRL relatives?
Cousins are a wonderful thing...and sisters?
They are just downright awesome, too.
When Deisy 1st met Isla..she went "I know YOU!" kinda crazy.
It was so cute, she just wanted to get a hold of her and squeeze and kiss on her,
like she was thinking, "I recognize you!" (hmmmmm....sweet "D" girl....)
And she was right....Isla is Just the cutest thing ever!

But WAIT!...There's more!

Claire found out this week that...(you guessed it)...she is having a GIRL!!
Hip-Hip-Hooray! Pink for everyone....on the house!

Only one small problem ....Sweet "E" boy met Isla with the same look
that he gave Deisy when she was born....
Sorry "E"....
You're still our #1 little man.


The Draper Fam said...

Best Year Ever!!! So far in 2010 there are 7 Baird babies that will have been born...we have to get a picture of all of them someday soon. Hopefully Kym is next. Tell Claire how excited I am for her and her little miss pink on the way!

Becky said...

Yeah for girls! I am just a little sad I am not joining the ranks this time around since most of those 7 babies are girls, but boys are great fun too. I'm excited for you!

April said...

THose are the sweetest pictures of all your babies!! So cute! So fun for all of them to have girls! Ruby was the same, 4 boys and she was the only girl but she didn't mind, good thing Violet is coming.