Friday, April 2, 2010

The check out counter

What is it about people at the check out counter....remember this?(at about 1:35):

Must they always ask personal questions about what you are buying or what you are gonna do with that thing that you are purchasing? I mean come on people! For instance...I don't think I have ever been to a fabric store that the lady behind the counter didn't say, "watchyamakin?" (because they run all their words together...dontchaknow...) "Well, I thought I'd make a pair of underwear...ya that's it...a pair of woolen underwear..." I mean really, If you are in a fabric store purchasing fabric, you are either making an article of clothing or making a piece of "none of your business"...period!

What are you to do when you just want to be left alone to make a purchase of your choosing without the world noticing what you are buying? hmmm?
I'm not saying that I am perfect....I have judged others a couple of times about what was in their shopping carts...Like one time I was in back of a guy at the his cart he had like 10 bucks worth of giant candy bars and a jug of...Metamucil! I could not help myself, honestly. I caught myself thinkin..."Buddy...your bowels are screaming for mercy!" But I didn't say a word. So why is it that every time I want to make a purchase of some personal item...I am called out to the world on it?
The other day, I was at Goodwill, looking for treasures, right? I stumble upon this book that I heard about and wanted to read. It was know..."Life changes" (I can't even say the "M" word on my blog...feels to creepy to be talking to the world about it. Let's just call it: "The syndrome that shall not be named..."

Anyway, I'm thinking..."I gotta have this book...for Pete's sake Denise just get the book!" I saw another book that I wanted to I grabbed them both and headed for the counter. I placed them both face down on the counter, the prices were on the spine.."just ring them in and take the money.." I thought....but no...the guy picks up the first one and sings out the title so all could hear... "sounds great" he continued...picks up the second and says all lofty, "The Wisdom of Mena...."
"YA...that's Right! I'm buying a book about Mena...I mean....the syndrome that shall not be named.!"
he totally turned bright red...while I handed him a five dollar bill. The women in the line behind me smiled knowingly and glared at him. (secretly wondering if he was going to ask them why they were purchasing an enema bag...)

Do you think that I have now just confirmed to the world that I really do need this book?

Oh well....go ahead... judge.


jen said...

This is funny, and I'd never thought about the fabric store. I actually like it when they ask me that question so I can get hints on my project.
On the other hand, if it's preparation H at Target, it definitely gets hidden under the jumbo bag of socks!

April said...

I shall not judge. I shall not judge. Love you...I shall not judge...

Roybn said...

What a scream you are, Denise. Thank you for brightening my day today, I needed a giggle.
I have a despicable habit of buying up tabloids when I have a long plane ride to take. It's just makes the hours go by faster. Well, last time I approached the checkout with something like 6 tabloids, the checker said something snide like, "well, now you'll know all the IMPORTANT news in the world." Made me feel like some lowlife trailer park girl, ready to go home and read tabs and watch my soaps. I wanted to slap her.
Take care.