Sunday, June 14, 2009

Megan and Joseph

I just got back last night from Richland. Claire, Kindle, and I drove last week to Washington for Megan's wedding....I must share...because it was awesome! Here are a few pics:

After the ceremony, Mindy had planned a beautiful luncheon for the family...totally cool...I know who the person is behind the curtain that keeps everything's Min.( she even cut the vinyl monograms for the doors) It was truly great. She did a fabulous job.

We spent the evening at a beautiful reception...laughing our heads off with the Baird family.

I made the cake....I call it the Blake cake because it is chocolate cake with almond coconut
(my take on almond joy). It was good....very good.

(I love how the coconut looks like the hydrangeas on the tables)

me and my peeps.


Becky said...

Looks like it was lots of fun! I'm sad I couldn't come, I was there the weekend before for graduations. Thanks for the pics so I could see the beautiful decorations and people!

Blake said...

Thank you for the honor! I've never had a cake named after me I'm flattered.

Glad you had fun!

The Draper Fam said...

Thank you, Denise, my love. To be noticed behind the curtain has fulfilled my life long wish. I can die a happy woman.

Speaking of that, did you know that I had an emergency oral surgery last Tuesday when I got home? 10 teeth, baby. I have been through it all now. Tell Kindle that I NEEDED DRUGS...
love you all.