Friday, January 11, 2013

Changing my Mind...

I have just one question on my mind today.....How in the wide world did it get to be January already!  2012 rushed past me like a hurricane...and sure enough....just as I was settling into my ways here..changes have come to my doorstep again.  These are good changes, though.  I'm starting to think that maybe ALL changes are probably good in some ways.  It's just that I'm usually so darn scared of them, that I think for sure that it will be hard.  I'm visualizing a caterpillar all snug in it's cocoon...until the space is just too darn small and it... must...stretch...NOW!

Levi, and Nina have come to Cali to live with us! My first thought...YIPEE! My second thought...Crap...we gotta move! Man!  I just got a patch of grass....DANG!  I've spent the last week searching Craigslist and other rental sights for places that would fit us all. This is one of those "things" that always gets me worrying..."What if we can't find a place? Are we gonna be dead on the side of the road?"...(Why is it always the side of the road and not the middle of the road....for cryin'-out-loud?)  It's a real challenge for me, until we finally get into a place. I know that it won't be long and the right place will be before us...but just now, I'm still looking. (and worrying)

I have a friend that I admire very much, who moved his whole family to Cozumel to live...just because they wanted to have an adventure. I asked him before he you speak the language? A little.  Have you ever been there? No.  Do you have a place? No. "We will just work it out...", he says.  I have to admit...Sean is a hero in my eyes. He lives with no fear or worry, and just moves about the earth with joy and excitement.  I've decided to be like that...Ok the real story is that I decided that yesterday! After losing out on one place I was all depressed and feeling like Heavenly Father doesn't love me (my "go-to" emotion when something disappointing happens)...then I ran across Sean's blog and began to read...and feel better!  and more positive.  And that maybe the future will be exciting and full of good things...and that maybe we were not meant to live in that place and that there might be some place BETTER!  I FELT BETTER!  Listen, I'm not saying life GOT better....I'm saying that thinking positive made me FEEL better!

So that's my thing for 2013...I'm gonna try to feel better.  I mean my life is pretty dang awesome, most of the time. *

*Insert picture of "Kevin" from home-alone coming out from under his bed saying..."Hey, I'm not afraid anymore..."  That's me..."AAAHHHHH!"

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Kit said...

What the Heck!? Why are you trying to live with Levi and Nina? I'm sorry, but I think it's time to kick those birdies out of the nest.