Thursday, February 9, 2012


Kit.  My February baby.  Ten months earlier she was not even a glimmer of an idea.  After I had had such a difficult time, pregnancy-wise, with Kindle....the thought of getting pregnant again sent me into panic attacks!  How could I possibly go through all that again, and have a toddler running around at the same time?  It definitely didn't seem possible or desirable at all.  But we had talked about it...knowing that we wanted Kindle to have a sibling(s).  I think it is so funny how most couples get married, thinking..."we want 12 kids!".  One pregnancy later, having an "only" child seems pretty good.  (we forget so fast, don't we?)  Anyway, I decided to really pray about it...for strength and courage and wisdom to know when it was the right thing...You know?  One afternoon, when Kindle was napping, I was sitting on my bed thinking and day dreaming.  Out of nowhere....I heard a little voice say "Mama".  Kindle was sound asleep.  There was no one else there.  It was as if she had just whispered in my ear.  "It's my time to come to you".

A few weeks later I was pregnant and sicker than a dog.  "Here we go again!"  I was beyond discouraged....I thought for sure that somehow I would be spared the same trial that I had just been through, and that somehow it would be totally different this time...not so.  I spent that summer puking. By Thanksgiving I was feeling better and ate myself into oblivion....I was distracted by Christmas and some how, by the grace of God, survived all the way till February.  HALLELUIA!  Kindle had a baby sister!  "Kindle and Kit"  had such a fun sound to it....(who knew that in a few short years I would never be able to call one without naming the whole family first..."Kindle-Ki-Clai-Lev---Mattie!  come here!"  Their names turned into a tongue twister instantly!)  I fell deeply in love with the "sisser".  I knew that forever she would not only be my daughter, but would also be my friend.

Happy Birthday to you Kit!
You will always be my funny nug nug.


CC said...

I will always remember Kit, when hearing that I wanted to have "ribs" for dinner she said, "'ll throw up!" in a sing-song voice. Seemed you guys had an interesting dinner the week before...? Love this funny bug...and NOW her little buglets!

Miss Jackie said...

Your blog always makes me FEEL. I love that. that girl!!

April said...

Thank you for making me smile are good to me!

Roybn said...

I love Kit, and will always have great memories of her as one of my favorite flute students. That is, when I could get her to stop talking long enough to play something!