Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Oh, that's right.....I have a blog..."

So here's the thing.  I have excuses....I really do.  But let's not even go there. Instead let me just tell you all that's happened in the last months.  I will call it:

"Stuff that happened during November and December"

1.We found out that Kit is preggo!  Alrighty then!  Another "sweet" to kiss on!  So I flew home for awhile to help the barfing mother-to-be. De-lightful! (except the barfing part...that was not delightful, but spending time with the sweets was really, really delightful.)  
2. A few weeks later, we drove back to Utah for Thanksgiving with the McConnell Clan!  YEEHAW!  What a party!  Ben came home from his mission the day before, and Levi came home from Kansas, too.  Almost the entire Bransford group was in well as a bunch of preggo and un-preggo cousins. (This year will be fruitful....just sayin.)  It was great. We ate turkey.
3. Back in the Spring, they asked the DPR and I to be in charge of our ward Christmas Party.  At the time it seemed like the right thing was to say "sure"....come the 1st of December, we were saying....."why-o-why"....but it came off without a hitch and ended up being so great!  I wish I had pictures to prove the greatness...but alas, I was doing many other things that night other than taking pictures.  Suffice it to say that many hands came together to make a wonderful night...Elvis showed up, along with Santa, Angels, and Mary and Joseph.  Feel the love.
4. and speaking of Love....Levi pulled out all the stops right before Christmas, and proposed to Nina!  I KNOW, RIGHT!!!?  He took her out for dinner and then after drove her to look at the lights....well,here...the pictures tell it all...

 5. Christmas was crazy....we went to church on Christmas morning...(I was leading the choir.  They were totally AWESOME!)  Then we took off and drove to the airport right after! Flew Home and partied for a whole week with the SWEETS!  Oh how I love them....
 Had our whole family together for New Year's!  (truly a miracle in itself...)and...I made a cake.  It was good.

Now, it is January. I wanted to hibernate for a month or two, but I can already see the writing on the wall...a wedding in March, Easter choir songs, baby due in late spring, plus...I really need to work off all the cake. I really am so thankful for the busy and the un-busy...and everything in between!
Oh....and I promise to post at least six more, three more,  a few more times than I have been doing...right after I get done hibernating.


Becky said...

Glad to know you are all still alive :) I think not being good bloggers must be genetic cause I know I'm always having to play catch up too! What a whirlwind the last few months were (and the next few should be). Enjoy all the craziness!

Marie HMJ said...

That Christmas party was the best I've ever been to in my entire near 30 years of Mormon life. Thank you so much for doing it! I've made the potato recipe twice. Its basically crack. And that pic of you and DPR with those four cuties just about melted my heart. What adorable babies! (and what young looking grandparents.) Holy cow Denise, you must have started young!.. were you robbed from the cradle or what!?

April said...

Yes...It is good to hear from you. I know that our lives can all get away from happiness is that you are back! Loves to you and to Levi! I'm super happy for him!