Sunday, September 12, 2010

Thirty years

                                                     ....And though we are as nothing
                                                     To the stars that shine above
                                                     You are my universe
                                                     You are my love

                                                     Here we are
                                                     Like children forever
                                                     Taking care of one another
                                                    While the world goes on without us
                                                    All around us....


Ben and Kindle said...

Great quote Mom. Happy Anniversary! Love you parents.

Kenzie said...

hi denise, my name is amee. i am kenzie wright kings sister. i love your paintings. i graduate in one year and want to give myself a family portrait painting. i want all of us in the painting to be painted in royal dress. queen, princess, prince and knight attire. i want the painting fairly large because there will be 7 of us plus 1 dog in the painting. do you do such things? :) if you do not can you refer me to someone who might? my name is amee and my phone number is 801 695 3379. if you could call me that would be great or email works great for me too. thank you amee

The Draper Fam said...

I remember staring at that picture at Grandpa Baird's house when I was little and thinking, "I want to fall in love someday and look just as beautiful as they do..."

Congratulations and we are thinking of little Olive all the time right now. Keep us posted and get pictures if you are with her.

Kit said...

This somehow doesn't seem so romantic since Dad accidentally flashed us yesterday :)