Friday, September 17, 2010

Olive Wren Hawkes

What a difference a week makes!!!   Last week we had quite a surprise....Jeff called to say that Claire was in the hospital ready to have an emergency C-section! Five weeks early!   Here is the story from Jeff:

"Friday we had our weekly check up at the McChord Air Force Base clinic. Part of the check up involves using a dopler to listen to the babies heart beat. While we were listening I noticed that the heart rate was much faster then it should be. The dopler said that her heart rate was 140 but I thought it sounded much faster. After checking several times we found her heart rate was closer to 260 bpm (beats per minute) even though the dopler still showed it being 140. The nurse sent us to Madigan Army Hospital saying "Im sure its nothing" and off we went..... What we found was that Olive was experiencing Atrial Flutter. Meaning her atria was beating super fast while the rest of her heart was beating normally which leads to poor perfusion of the body. It also means there is a risk of blood pooling in the lungs and around the heart. So the decision was made to preform a C-section right away.
(quick note- Olive had never had these symptoms previously and we believe we caught it the day it began. )

So off goes Claire and I am standing there peeing myself.

Once Claire was in the O.R. (about an hour after the initial appointment!) and had received her anesthesia I was able to come in and sit with her. She was amazing. Our entire birth plan and months of planning and practice had been smashed but she was brave and strong. After several minutes a little Olive Wren came out of her belly and we got a brief glimpse of her before she was rushed to the NICU.
...... Since then there have been numerous interventions preformed to try and maintain normal vital signs, everything from new vents and different drugs to body placement and central lines into her umbilical cord. Despite the occasional setback we seem to be moving forward. ........ It seems like everyday things are looking a little bit better. Quite literally baby steps. Claire has been doing good... just recovering, aside from any bruising and soreness she is fine. Seriously though we are so grateful for the prayers and fasting on our behalf. It has meant the world to us. We have felt peace and comfort from the prayers and fasting and angels you have sent our way."

Isn't she Beautiful!!

This is the first time I got to see my "Livey Lovey"!

She is doing so well.  Everyday she is doing a bit better, and I have to say the doctors and nurses they have working on Olive are really fantastic!   Claire and Jeff have not been able to hold her yet, and as you can imagine they are going crazy with that!  All of us want to get our hands on this kid...she is just so adorable....

Welcome Olive!  We are so glad you are here!


Sammy said...

oh denise I'm so happy to see pictures and to hear that everything is going well! She is beautiful and it makes me cry everytime I read or hear anything about it, but i'm glad that everythings going great. Still thinking about them, hope the best, i love them and I hope she continues to do well. Tell Claire I love her!

April said...

Oh my!!!! I'm praying that all will continue to go well. That is an adventure. Did you hear about Maren? She had to an emergency C for her little girl. Something to do with her is touch and go. My prayers are with you. Loves!!

Toni Marie said...

so good to see it's all turning out alright. :)

April said...

OH Denise I am just so happy and sad for them. I am glad she is doing well, but then we got an email from Kindle last night that things were bad again. She is just beautiful and we love you all. Tell Claire we've been fasting and praying for Olive and the whole family. I hope she can be strong and be well. Those babies are just so precious! So glad you made it there to be with them.