Friday, August 20, 2010

Take me out to the ball-game....

Last night, we went to see the Oakland A's game.  YAY!!!  We had an eventful time.  The A's were hosting an LDS night at the stadium.  Ya...that's what I thought, too.....really?  (but then Rob was laughing on the way there that it was probably also PETA night and CIA night as well...)  no....I'm pretty sure it was just Mormon night.  I think it was the first time at the stadium that the sales of candy were more than the beer....but only by a slight margin.....just sayin'.
We got there just a little late...I didn't realize that parking was going to cost a whopping $17 bucks in cash...and we didn't quite bring that much a run to the ATM was mandatory.  Which also made us miss the full time missionaries singing the national anthem, as well as the opening pitch and the first run of the game made by the A's.  "What the...."  are you kidding me?  all that just because we were a couple bucks short?....oh man.... worries, the show was just getting started.  So here's what happened...we sat in our seats.  There were kids to the right of us, kids to the left of us, and kids in front....all of them eating junk food like there was no tomorrow.  There was a dating couple sitting behind us eating dinner for twenty...not kidding.  And also these 4 drunk guys (one looked just like the young Billy Joel)who's whole objective was to heckle as loud as possible...more about them later.
They have these guys running up and down the isles selling food...not just a few items, either.
They sell: kettle corn, ice cream dibs, ice cream sandwiches, cotton candy, churros, licorice, hot dogs, pizza, pretzels, every kind of soda, plus lemonade, coffee, and hot chocolate (Mormon night?) This is only a sampling of what the guys running through the isles are selling.  If you go up yourself to the concourse, that is where you get the serious food...and of course the beer.

Also, one of the most important aspects of the game...are the foul balls.  Who knew?  So every time there is a foul ball, there is a guy on either side of the field who is in charge of those.  He picks up the foul ball and usually throws it into the stands, or gives it to a kid... and when this happens, I'm telling you everyone goes crazy and rushes to the front trying to be the one he throws it to.  They all have their mitts in hand and start shouting and stepping on other peoples heads and was awesome.  Only one problem, the guy on our side of the field kept giving all the foul balls to this one sexy girl in the front. At first it was the 3rd time he got booed so long and loud that the players on the field stopped to figure out what was happening.

Seriously, people...I would love to give you a play, by play....but let me just tell you a few of the cool things that we saw:
1. Coco Crispy (real name of player) made the most amazing catch a standing "O" for that.
2. The 1st base guy seriously caught a throw while doing the splits to get the guy out. (super cool)
3.  Fly Ball directly to 4 drunk heckling guys who were too drunk to catch it and popped right out of their gloves to the sober Mormons behind us....ya...I peed just a little on that one...
4.  kids beside us had  to go to the bathroom 6 times....
5. Girl a couple rows in front tossed her and hot dogs....for like 10 minutes.  (it was like watching a Monty Python show.  (I tried to look away, but just couldn't)
6.. Tampa Bay hit 2 homers for a total of 3 runs.
7. Oakland hit 0 homers, but played magnificently and brought in 4 runs to win.
8.  We had a blast.

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Kit said...

Just remember that girl puking in the stands could have been me. We went to a bee's game when I was prego with little E, and seriously almost tossed my corn dog right onto the drunk guys in front of us.