Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Changes in the air

My street was extremely busy this was exquisite.  Today is the first day of school, so there were excited kids walking and running and talking and laughing....It has been an awesome spectacle. (listen to me..."exquisite, excited, spectacle" woo hoo...teehee)  Any way,  I have been watching out my kitchen window, and I just could not help myself...I have been smiling and laughing with them.  It has brought back so many memories, of getting my kids ready for school...crayons, papers, supplies, back packs and on and on.  I love it.  It is such a good transition really.  Having a break for summer, lazy days, and barbeques....fireworks, and vacations.  But it is also so good to bring back that schedule.  You know?  Kids (and grown-ups) sleeping in, changes overnight to getting up early and getting on a schedule with things to accomplish.  I feel as though I must keep this a bit more disciplined in my own life.  It feels very...right.

One of my favorite memories....taking the kids down for their first day of school, standing outside and talking to the other mothers...some years we would all be crying and some years laughing and "high-fiving"! (yes!...we made it through!...believe me there are those years....) then usually we would have an impromptu get together..."let's go to breakfast!"  and off we would go,  throwing all other obligations to the wind.  A necessary time together to talk and share about our kids and lives.  Last May when I went  home to be with Kindle and her new baby, a few of those friends called me for a breakfast date.  It was just like old times.  They strengthen me just like before.
When I see these guys...I don't know whether to cry or to start "high-fiving"!  Love them all so much (and so many others not pictured)  It all comes back and I'm just thankful to have been able to make my journey through this life with them.  OK...soooo... breakfast anyone?


Debi Barneck said...

Such great memories, and I feel like I lived them with you! Oh, Polk school days....I'm still a Polk parent though since we have my sisters kids living with us still. However, it's Kaiden's last year, so I think I can safely say that today was my last first day at Polk!
Oh! And I saw every single one of these women (minus Marnie) this morning at Debbie Noseworthy's birthday breakfast!Love them and you!

Neisy said...

Oh Debi! wish I could have been there with all of you! We all helped raise each others
Such good memories...
Love you

April said... help me to smile... :)