Friday, July 2, 2010

Welcome July!

The summer has been flying by with so many good things.  I got to spend a week with Sweet-E and Sweet-D and the new little miss! Oh happy days of grand kids and summer!  "Nothing better"...I'd say!  We had a great day at the park eating lunch and listening to great music and watching E run, run run!

Also, did I mention the roses?  OOOHHH the roses!

I have taken to counting my blessings, especially while they are so apparent, (this coming from know...old "woe is me"...)  But today is sunshine and love in my heart!( I think it should be..."Whoa is me!")  Thank Heaven for my little sweets and vacations home.

...Do you think they could bottle this?


Claire Hawkes said...

oh man... this just makes me miss all those babies even more:( I can't wait to see them all!

Claire Hawkes said...
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