Wednesday, February 10, 2010

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I just finished this book:

I just LOOOOVED IT! Seriously! The thing that I have loved everything that Barbara Kingsolver has ever written, so far...and this is one of my favorites! Mostly because I am into the whole "healthy food" thing anyway, but also because she has such a way of story-telling that really captures you and her descriptions are wonderful.
Barbara and her family spent a whole year being "locavores"...eating only things that they grew or raised themselves, or that were locally grown. I am dying to have a garden right now! I wish I had place to get going! At least here the farmers market will be opening soon and then we can get everything super fresh and local. Way excited for that!
I hope you will all run out and buy this book so we can talk about it! can check out my side bar...I put a new page up explaining my crazy story with health and food....a never ending journey for me. Kindle has also started a co-op of sorts for people near her wanting to buy local and organic'll have to check out her blog (I will tell her to put up a link)
Also you simply MUST watch the movie "Food Inc." .... really life changing! a little too pushy?'ll thank me later....


Sammy said...

WOW I read your link on food and your journey with it! AMAZING, I seriously am not the most healthy person in the world... I have microscopic colitis, i've tried going on different diets to see if it helps not eating this or that, nope still hurts/bloats/gases/makes me bend in half. no matter what... and a long list of stupid illnesses.
I wish i could go on something as strict as that but being a poor college students wife has its limits. unhealthy food is just less expensive! However, i am trying to be better. I don't feel we eat horrible, we'll have the occasional mac n cheese or top o ramen noodles but we try to cook when we can.
how inspiring! thanks so much for sharing...
Erik has ankylosing spondilitis which is a form of arthritis and has to have $10,000 treatments every 6 weeks... I wonder if it would help him at all... thanks so much for the info Denise! hope all is well!

cheryl said...

enjoying reading your blog. On my way to town will look for the book your recomended. However have two other books going,plus a new cowboy in my life sooo it will be a while. We are going to mom and Dad's this week end. Mom's comment was oh no not another one of those.(I think she doesn't like men)as you said Is what I am or something like that. I realy enjoy the way your wright,I have an idea on a kids book my fingers just can't type out what my mind is thinking. You are great.
love you

Kenzie said...

Denise, that is one of my favorite books too! When I finished reading it I started it all over again the very next day.
I hope you are doing fantastic. I miss you and I must come see you this summer.
Much love. Call me!

Karen said...

Jordan and I just watched Food, Inc last week! It was so good! I've always been super picky about my meat, but the movie just cemented how I've always felt!

Jordan and I are trying to eat way more healthy and focus on locally grown, unprocessed food. This means we are about 80% vegetarian, 10% vegan and about 10% pescatarian. :) If we are at a restaurant where we know the meat and chicken is ethically grown then we eat it. That happens...not very often!

I really enjoyed reading about your journey with food. I'm so glad you are healthy now!