Monday, February 15, 2010

The Minuet

I sat at my desk daydreaming about the upcoming school program that was going to happen on Presidents day. Four 3rd graders were going to be chosen to do the Minuet in front of the whole school and all of our parents. They were going to get to wear there hair up and wear a beautiful old fashioned gown in...ummm...minuet style(whatever that is) and it was going to be just beautiful, I just knew it.
"I bet they pick that one girl over there because she has the longest hair and it's blonde and I bet they will pick her....but I have the next longest hair, so I bet they will choose me...maybe I will tell Mrs. Moore that I have long hair and that they should choose me for the dance.......What? Tracy Loyd got an A on her paper and now she gets to be in the minuet?! Tracy Loyd? She doesn't' have long hair and she is not pretty and she picks her nose...and now they won't pick me because that other girl has the longest hair...."(sobbing commences)Sometimes....if you cry hard DO get your way (even if your hair isn't the longest.)

Happy Presidents Day!


edith said...

Hey! Good to hear from you and to see your blog! Looks like your family is growing and doing well. That's great to see.
We miss you guys.

Anonymous said...

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