Friday, December 18, 2009

Coming Home

Today, we arrived at the St. Louis Airport at about 5:30 a.m. to see an ocean of green. America's finest young men were leaving from Fort Leonard Wood for their Christmas exodus. Everywhere you looked there were service men and women in their green uniforms waiting to get home to their families. The air was electric.
I have been "weepy"since we left to go to Levi's graduation. It is too hard to explain....but any one who has seen their kid accomplish something this hard will understand how I feel. I sent a kid away and he returned a man. That is all I can say.
So, today we made our way through the St Louis Airport and the Las Vegas Airport. All along the way, people everywhere stopped Levi and thanked him sincerely for serving our country.

People!! We have such a great country! It was truly awesome. To top it all off, when we got to Salt Lake...we were walking down to the baggage claim area, and as we walked out from security, there were a huge group of people gathered. They had flags and man was singing the national anthem (in a humble way, not all flashy) and as Levi walked out first...they all started cheering and clapping... can only imagine. I pretty well lost it. They were doing this for ALL our soldiers. Each time a military person walked out, the cheering would start again.
I love our country and the good people who live here...seriously. I don't think people who are in Washington, or in Hollywood really understand the depth of appreciation that normal, everyday Americans feel toward our armed service men and women.
We should make this a tradition...every time we see a soldier...we should thank them for their courage to serve...especially at this hard time in our country.

Here are a few pics: (sorry for the know how it goes...)

I could not be happier today.


Kenzie said...

That is amazing and wonderful! what a great new man. I am proud of you guys for raising him and for him being so willing to serve. I hope you are enjoying him and his new found 'manly-ness'. I love you guys.

The Draper Fam said...

Once again, I cry reading your blog. True heroes.

Merry Christmas, McConnells. Love, M

Karen said...

I just cried reading it too.
Congratulations and THANK YOU to Levi and to you!

Becky said...

Wonderful pictures and stories. Enjoy having your new "man" home! A big Thank You to Levi and to your family. We love you all!