Wednesday, May 27, 2009

stick a fork in's done!

Today is Mattie's graduation day!
Can it possibly be that all my children are grown? Just yesterday I took her to school for the first time, shiny as a new penny, in her red shirt and jumper...and matching red socks, I might add. She had all her new school stuff: paper, pencils(no. 2), and crayons....and a little blue back pack that she was very excited about. After I watched her go into Mrs. Dobb's kindergarten class, My friends and I all went out to breakfast...sort of a Mother's day celebration for us making it through the long summer without pulling all our hair out.
I remember silently being really torn....yes, I was really glad to have my last kid start school. I would supposedly have time to really paint and my house would be cleaner and I would have time to "myself" (whatever that means) but deep was I going to make it without my little side-kick who went everywhere with me?...who followed me around the house all day just wanting to see what I was doing? I missed her already and it had only been
20 minutes.

The thing that it all goes by very a blurr as it were. (hey that rhymes)
You think that things will never change...and they do. And sometimes it gets weary and frustrating being a parent...but what I am saying is that the time seems to have gone by without me realizing that it was going....maybe I just need to burst out in song...."Sunrise...Sunset...."
I know you know what I mean.

I love you, Side-kick.

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Dobby said...

Oh my goodness Denise, I remember Mattie wearing that outfit! I can't believe it's gone by so fast either. Good to see you at graduation this afternoon!!