Thursday, April 28, 2016

Adventure on the train to van gogh

Cheryl and I decided that we would get out of the other's hair for awhile while they we headed off on an adventure together on the train to Amsterdam. We had a few instructions from Janet, and the rest was faith that someone would point us in the right direction if we got too lost.
We walked to the train station...somehow bought two tickets to Amsterdam and found ourselves on the platform not having a clue which train or what direction to go!  Some friendly strangers saw our dismay and stepped in to point the way....I have learned that most people here speak English, and the ones that don't will still try to help.  These are good people here.
So as we were traveling along, Cheryl needed to go to the bathroom. She asked some girls where the bathroom was and they pointed to the end of the train....oh, it is a two level train and we were on the top level.  So when they pointed to the end, there was a little sign there that said"WC" with an arrow pointing down the stairs.  Right beside that was the emergency brake. know where I'm going with this don't you....
Cheryl felt around the wall looking for a door handle and not finding one, pulled the only handle she could find. Oi.
The train was almost at the next stop, so it didn't come to a screeching stop, but after the stop it didn't start up.  Pretty soon the train engineer came up and is going down the isle asking who pulled it.  At this pointing I'm beet red. He comes over to us and I have no clue what to say or do.  I gestured to Cheryl who just said "I had to go to the bathroom". He stood there....rolled his eyes and walked away. One guy said a curse word because we made the train late. It was kind of awkward after that in our cabin. Stupid Americans.


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