Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Mary Poppins's a real thing.

Describing the thought processes between the DPR and I, of where we live is almost impossible to explain.  Years ago, when we were first married, we had this important conversation about how we would always try to pray to know where Heavenly Father wanted us to be...and then go there!  What a hard thing! It has made for a life of popping in and out of so many different places.   I won't lie...we do have a bit of wanderlust in us, but we have moved far more times than I care to admit.  I'm not sure that it is born out of any one thing particular, but we do get itchy to move to a new place, now and then. Having said that, we always seem to add another level of "hard" to the process by explaining in prayer to a very patient Heavenly Father, "Ummm, we want to go somewhere...where do you want us to go?"  Then there is this bubble of time of true anxiety trying to figure out HIS will...even though we are usually the ones that started the whole problem!

We are moving...Again.  But I promise, it is not my fault.
About a year ago, I felt the prompting when I was saying my prayers one morning.  It was clear as day.  I didn't want to tell Rob, I thought he would think I was making it up because I whine all the time about missing the McNuggets.  But this was different and the same, as so many other times that it has been made clear, from Heaven, that we are supposed to go.  I honestly felt exactly the same as when we were coming out to California...a gentle but firm prodding..."It's where I want you to be right now."  But the spirit let me know last October, that our time here was almost done.

So, we are headed back to Utah....To St. George, actually!  I am excited to go, and super sad to leave.  I know you know what I mean.  Pleasant Hill has become the most wonderful sanctuary for us.  I absolutely LOVE my California family...I'm afraid I will not be able to get over this one.  I NEED these people in my life. period.  I have been so emotional the last few weeks...everywhere I go, I think...this might be the last time I see this...or that...or them!  Oh my goodness!  Don't get me started!

We flew in just under 6 years ago.  (I was so scared)  but the east wind has kicked up again...and off we go...I am learning to trust Heavenly Father's divine guidance.  He always seems to surround me with the best people on the planet.

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