Thursday, January 30, 2014

Top 10 Things that happened in 2013:

10. We moved to a House....a real HOUSE, people! Hasta la vista apartment....I (hopefully) will not be back.

9. We grew a garden!

8. We had a yard sale

7. I got a new calling.

6. The Pirate bought a motorcycle

5. Liz and Ed came to visit...(Hold on to your hats!)

4. I started working at the LDS Institute!

Ok so I guess I never mentioned this, but a long time ago I stepped in for a few months as an office manager at the institute, while the regular manager was on jury duty. Long story short-she decided to retire, and called me to see if I wanted the job! I won't lie...I was scared to say yes. (Goodbye to my lazy freedom...) But I am so glad I did say yes, now. I really do love it, although some days are the long run, it is awesome!  (the kids keep me young!)

3. Olive came to MY house!

2. I got a new Grandbaby!

1. I got....ANOTHER new Grandbaby!

And the number 1 thing that happened in 2013?  
We actually made it to 2014!


Claire Hawkes said...

haha love the last pic of you and dad and the kiddos

Liz said...

Love it!