Thursday, May 24, 2012

"Be Thou Humble.....In the bathroom"

I'm trying to magnify my calling.  I truly am.  That being said...some days are harder than others.  I was called to be the "ward music director" which really means that I lead the music on Sunday and work out with the choir at Christmas and Easter...and any other time that the spirit hits me....and also, try to trick people into singing "special" musical numbers once a month.  Our Bishop has asked for that specifically.  Let me just say this, about all that,  "yikes!"

 Each week, I pick out opening and closing songs... and a rest hymn (if I haven't tricked anyone that week into doing a special number....) and also a sacrament song.  There is a theme for each week that I try to follow....and each week, without fail, someone will come up to me and say something like..."You know, that opening hymn was such a downer..." or,  "I think we should sing all 8 verses...don't you?" or, "I only like the songs that I know..."     duh...really? ( maybe that's because you don't know the others....)  It's so hard to please everyone.  But I do try....

The other day, while I was on the stand not listening to the speaker but instead thumbing through the hymn book looking for potential hymns..I had a funny memory pop into my head.  In Sacrament meeting, the kids were unusually occupied looking through the hymn book....they would look at the title of each hymn and then start giggling with each other.  I leaned over and said..."what are you guys doing?"  "Oh nothing"....(more snorting with laughter) Then they fessed up that they were going through the hymns, and reading the titles.  After each title, they would add the words "in the bathroom."  I started looking at the titles with them....

I saw another Angel the bathroom!
What Glorious Scenes Mine Eyes the Bathroom!
Praise to the the bathroom!
Does the Journey seem the bathroom!

I couldn't help it..we all started giggling uncontrollably!  I know...totally inappropriate...right?
Regardless, it made me stop for a minute and giggle like a kid.  To be honest, I probably need to lighten up, and be grateful for my calling.  I love the hymns and I love music...and I get to be the one to pick what I like!  Because after all...Sweet is the work......Oh, you know the rest.

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