Friday, October 21, 2011

Nana D

One word...."skype". period.
If you had told me years ago that most of the time I spend with my then future grandchildren would be over the internet....I would have told you that you were "loco-chicka"!!  But yes, that is what has come about, and people...I am soooo thankful for those pocket full of minutes with said McNuggets. And just like a box of Forest Gump's chocolates.... I never really know what I will get!
But then, neither do they! (I'm pretty sure they were looking at the DPR make crazy faces in this picture....he has the same effect on me.)
But I have been able to watch them grow from little peanuts into big peanuts and it has been truly awesome!

Sweety La La always puts on a show:

Sweet Birdy keeps me totally entertained:

And Sweet E and Sweet D?  well they are just much too much fun!

Put all the "SWEETS" together, and I (they)have total pandemonium....

Occasionally, I even get to skype with my man-child....ya....that's fun.

Just the other day, Kindle sent a text...."Mom, get on skype!  La la keeps asking to talk to Nana!"

Makes me melt...and not just a little.


JulieBelle said...

i love this :)

Kit said...

I was just thinking that I wanted to skype with you today.