Friday, March 25, 2011

Maker of Things

   The weather has been really horrible the last couple of days...and you know what that means for me- when the sky turns dark and gray, usually my brain does too.  Honestly, I have become a total "weather wimp".  I mean, in Utah, I really had an excuse!  I remember it snowing on Easter many times....and sometimes beyond.  Here, I have a couple of days of cloudy and take to my bed in depression! (Thank Heaven it really is not too often!)   But my mind has been full of thoughts...take a look at this and then we'll talk....

I have a friend here who is a part of the MakerFair that is coming up.  She was describing all these great things that are there and showing me her beautiful work. (here)  The whole idea of being a maker has invaded my brain!  It seems that everyone is on the bandwagon...knitting things and sewing things...and all the thousands of crafty things on Etsy.  Are we in some sort of Making Renaissance?  Hmmmm.  Maybe not.  I think it might be just a return.  I remember my mom always, constantly in the process of making something...anything...just kept those fingers working to the bone.  She always had a project, and who doesn't remember the Relief Society sisters making these lovelies?

I love it that this is our heritage.  Women who were makers.  They never stopped.  I think this is really part of our natures...the craving to create something.  And honestly, we feel better after we have made something of beauty.  So that is my be constantly making something...anything.  I want to keep my fingers busy and my mind thinking of new things to make.  Was it raining?  I don't know....I was busy ...making.

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April said...

Thank you for the profound thought...was it snowing at Conference? I don't know...I was listening....Love it! Thanks!