Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Old Trick

picture day 1970....not a good hair day.
Let's be clear.  I have pretty much had long hair my whole life...I mean my whole life. OK except that one time that I got it cut in the sixth grade, (ya...I wasn't happy about it either)

 But, I learn from my mistakes and never went down that road again.  I have cut it a few times throughout the years, but always kept it at least to my shoulders.  I must admit that my problem has always been how to "do my know like in a "do".  I have problem hair.  It waves in all the wrong waves more underneath than on top, and more at the roots, then goes straight at the ends.  I mean what's a girl to do?  And there is just no "letting it go"  I mean if I let it go then I start to look like...
Like I said....there is no "letting it go".  the end.

So recently, I went home for a quick fix at Kindle's Salon.  (isn't it ironic that Kindle is my daughter?  I know, right!?)  She makes sure I have a great cut and color and generally uses smoke and mirrors and lots of wax to make sure that the "Dude looks like a lady"...if you know what I mean.  

Side note-
Getting eyebrows, mustache,(or Mrs.stache...) and nose hair waxed is just the worst pain ever...but, and it's a big makes you feel like you've had a face lift.  FOR REAL!  One of our favorite family activities is WAX all around for everyone!  (except the boys always know who you are...)

So this last visit to the salon, I told Kindle how frustrating it is after she makes my hair look so good, that within 24 hours I look like 1980 all over again.  I can never make it do the same thing she makes it do.  She has shown me a hundred times how to blow it dry, always with her doing it and explaining how to do it.  This time I suggested that I do it and she could move my hands to make it right... This is how it went:

Me-  "Kindle, I can't do this... "
Kindle- "Mom, I've shown you a thousand times..."
Me- "I know, but I can't hold the blow dryer over my head that long...."
Kindle- " It doesn't take as long as holding the curling iron (which incidentally makes you look like 1980...)"
Me-  "But I can't keep the wet hair separate from the dry hair...."
Kindle- "Mom!  They are all going to the same place!  All the hair is going to DRY LAND!  just quit worrying about it!....No, no, no, the brush in your right hand the blow dryer in your left..."

well before you know it.... voila!  My life has been transformed! 
Now just look at me go...

 It only took me 50 years to finally figure it out....

I know what you're thinking....
But it's the little successes in life that keep me know?

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Roybn said...

Wow, your childhood picture looks just like Maddie! Eerie how much the genes can replicate themselves. You look gawgeous, by the way.