Wednesday, April 1, 2009

chain of fools

I told you that I had many stories to tell of daughter #3. Today she is on a pedestal. Let me explain. When Claire and Jeff got married, (sounds like a sit-com) the very first April of their married lives, Claire sat Jeff down and said that she had been having some really important conversations with me know.... her "nether" regions. She said that I had advised her to see a doctor, which she did and that the Doctor told her that she had contacted Herpes. Of course Jeff completely freaked out. The thing about Claire....she can really spin it! By the time she revealed to him that it was APRIL FOOL'S day...he was already hyperventilating!

The next year, she told him that earlier in the day she had accidentally hit a car, but was so scared that she just drove off as fast as she could so she wouldn't get caught...."Oh, Jeff what if they got my license plate...." (Jeff is prostrate on the floor with a panic attack...)

Today, Jeff was really gonna get her. He was driving one of Rob's company trucks across Wyoming and called to say that he had a blow-out in the middle of no-where and there was no spare....(lame)
Claire: "...oh honey that's too bad."(yawn)

Later she calles him and says: "Jeff...Oh my Gosh, I don't know what to do!...Juniper(the dog) just bit Ephraim and they have to take him in for stitches...Kit is freaking out and I think we are going to have to put June down..."

Jeff: "WHAT!!?....Why did you let her close to Epraim...blah, blah(ready to freak)
Claire: "I can't believe it happened today of all days." (silence)

Jeff: "you are evil."

Maybe she's a good liar...maybe he makes it easy.I deem you the Queen of Fools.


Tammy said...

Woah, I had no idea Claire had it in her! Sweet little diminutive Claire? The things I'm learning...

Um, and how did I not know you have a blog. Sheesh. Count me in!

JulieBelle said...

AWESOME! Claire used to get me all the time (regardless of the date)....i'm so glad she has Jeff now, to torture :)

Sammy said...

Claire! you are the best! I need to come to you for ideas! i love it.

Sammy said...

i have to add, "I want to go to there" that tina fey. Gotta love her