Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh What A Day!

So last Saturday,  I went into crazy town with the Dread Pirate.  We were going to hear a seminar given by Robyn Openshaw, aka: Green Smoothie Girl.  Parking was horrendous and traffic was insane...but we made it there ok somehow.  At her seminars she does a raffle for her books and programs and even for a blendtec blender!  People....I WON!  I MEAN BIG TIME!  It was so crazy!  The DPR bought raffle tickets seriously on a last minute whim...and we won her complete "12 steps to Whole Foods" program and also the Blender! I was so shocked I could hardly breath!  She asked me my name and I had to think hard to remember!  Very exciting....but the best part?  She has really inspired me to get back into raw food.  Most of you know that I did raw a long time ago.  The changes I saw in my body and in my health I would call real miracles. (if you don't know my story...you can read it on the side bar or here. sorry...it's so long) I maintained all of that for about 9 years, but in the last 2 or 3, I have really struggled.  I have to say, that even as I am writing this...I am afraid of your judgement.  I know that is really stupid...but I do.  I have been such an advocate of healthy eating and talk about it all the time....but really have been a horrible example in the last couple of years.  After hearing and talking with Robyn, I felt like it is just time!  Time to get back into what I know is the right thing for me.  I also like what GSG recommends....80% raw with some cooked foods, so it really is do-able for a life time. I learned before, that sustaining 100% raw was VERY difficult. I felt like Heaven was telling me...last Saturday...."I'm giving  you a second chance".   So, I'm putting it out there....just so you know that, I'm not perfect...I'm trying...still!  And, I think I will go about it a little smarter this time.  I will not beat myself up if I blow it...I will just carefully pick myself up and start again...forgiving myself, when I need to.  Here is to second chances....thank Heaven.

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Roybn said...

Denise, life is a series of leaps forward and falls backward, we are never on a linear course for long,so go easy on yourself.
80 % raw sounds much more reasonable and easy to maintain and I am sure the health benefits will be just as great without the stress and inconvenience of always being the "food Nazi." Believe me, I get that all the time, and I am just a pescatarian. It's the mistaken "all or nothing" concept that hangs us up and makes one give up on the regime after a while.
Good luck on this endeavor and happy blending. ;)
PS So great to see you and Nina and Levi's wedding!